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Aperitivo Friday

Date: Fri, Jul 31, 2020
Time 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Venue: Zoom
Contact: Natalie Owdom

Kickoff your weekend virtually with Michael Muscardini! Join us for an "Aperitivo Friday" on the last Friday of each month on Zoom for wine tasting, wine education, vineyard insight, food pairings, and interactive fun.

With our Virtual Tasting Series, we hope to make every viewer feel like they have a place at our table and can share their own stories and experiences with our wines together through fun wine conversations, vertical comparisons, food and wine pairings and much more, closing that gap of experience a little bit more and enjoying what we all love most about wine – the joy of sharing it with others, no matter where we are.

Tasting Info & Featured Wines for July 31st:
Mangiamo! While it's no secret that salumi and cheese pair with wine, certain regions in Italy know that what grows together, goes together. And so, certain types or cuts of meats as well as aged or fresh cheeses that are produced within a particular place represent the same climate and terroir that the grapes are also exposed to, making for naturally ideal pairings. Join us for this special virtual tasting where we will discuss how we paired Italian regional charcuterie and local Californian cheese with select Muscardini Italian wines. Enjoy fun Muscardini Cellars trivia throughout the tasting as well! Wines to consider for this tasting will be our 2016 Sangiovese, Alpicella Vineyards, our 2017 Barbera, Pauli Ranch Vineyards and our 2017 Tesoro, Red Proprietary blend. Suggested pairings with these wines are below.

SALUMI PAIRINGS: When looking for specific meats that the viewers can find at Whole Foods and that we suggest as ideal pairings for our Italian wines, we recommend the following salami products:
1. Mortadella (pork) – Sangiovese
2. Bresaola (beef) – Sangiovese
3. Coppa or Sopressata (pork) - Barbera
4. Finocchiona (pork) - Tesoro/Fortuna

1. Mt Tam - Barbera. CC notes this cheese as having "cultured butter with hints of white mushroom" flavors. Barbera's moderate acidity will cut through the creaminess and it's earthy side will nod to the mushroom flavors.
2. Chimney Rock - Barbera. CC notes this cheese as having "a rich, bloomy rind spritzed with Muscat wine, then dusted with ground organic shiitake mushrooms and black pepper, making it hold earthiness with balanced notes of orange blossom and apricot".
3. Pierce's Point - Sangiovese (Alpicella) or Rosato (2018 or 2019). CC notes this cheese as having "a rind dusted with a beautiful mixture of field flowers, chamomile, calendula and Thai basil making it herbal and savory, with a tangy brightness".
4. St. Pat - Tesoro. CC notes this cheese as having "a rind covered in wild nettle leaves providing flavors that are mellow and tangy, with notes of smokey artichoke.

PLEASE NOTE: In case you have not had a chance to purchase the featured wine for each virtual tasting, you can still join by having a glass of wine in hand that is the same varietal, a similar body or is simply your favorite wine.

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