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Virtual Experiences

August 2020
"Explore Your Senses" Interactive Virtual Tasting Experience
Fri, Aug 28, 2020 - Sat, Oct 31, 2020
Venue: Zoom
Contact: Natalie Owdom ,

Our new "Explore Your Senses" Virtual Tasting Experience is now available by appointment daily. Gather your colleagues, friends, or family wherever they may be and enjoy this interactive virtual tasting experience right from your home.

With this new and improved Virtual Tasting Experience, we hope to make every viewer feel like they have a place at our table and can share their own stories and experiences with our wines together through fun wine conversations and enjoy what we all love most about wine – the joy of sharing it with others, no matter where we are.

Every varietal has certain classic aroma and palate characteristics, but depending on where the grape is grown, only certain ones will be coerced forth in the resulting wine. Test your senses by exploring the tasting notes of each wine as you sense it and then try to match each sensory jar to the wine it was designed to represent to see how your sense of smell stacks up!

This seasonal tasting kit includes 4 of our signature wines, 4 customized sensory jars, and a downloadable placemat to host this experience at home. The current wines selected for this season to explore the sensory jars through are:

2018 Pinot Grigio, Ansa di Lovall Vineyards
2018 Rosato di Sangiovese, Santo Giordano Vineyards
2016 Sangiovese, Alice's Vineyards
2017 Barbera, Pauli Ranch Vineyards

Purchase this tasting kit by clicking here and book your private virtual tasting experience today!

Contact Karen Hannah for more details and to purchase your kit + book your virtual experience:
(707) 933-9305 or

Upcoming Events

September 2020
Harvest Experience & Blending Seminar
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM     Sun, Sep 27, 2020
Venue: Muscardini Cellars
Contact: Karen Hannah (707) 933-9305,

If you’ve ever visited Sonoma Valley while the harvest season is in full swing, you know that the air is alive with the electric pulse of myriad hands picking grapes, crush-pads wet with the sticky juice of newly pressed varietals, and the scent of new barrels and pomace permeating the air.

If you’ve ever wanted a taste of what harvest is like or wanted to spend a day in the life of a winemaker, we are offering this unique opportunity to do just that - join us for our 4th annual Harvest Experience on Sunday, September 27th, 2020 from 11am to 3pm at Muscardini Cellars.

This year's Harvest Experience is a 3-part event in our beautiful and serene backyard. Join Winemaker Michael Muscardini, Vineyard Owner Dan Sanchez, and Wine Club Director Karen Hannah for an interactive discussion about this year's harvest.

Part 1 - Interactive Harvest Discussion & Demonstration  
One of the prized vineyards that Michael Muscardini has made Brunello-style Sangiovese from for many vintages, Alpicella Vineyards is located within the premier AVA of Sonoma Valley. Meet vineyard owner and grape grower, Dan Sanchez, who will share insights about the harvest process in the vineyard and educate us on the beginning of the winemaking process. During the discussion you will sample and crush grapes, test brix levels, and see where the magic of harvest begins while enjoying conversations around grape growing and the critical things that go on in the vineyard during harvest. 

Part 2 - Blending Seminar
After learning about wine from the vine to the bottle, it will be your turn to be the winemaker. Using Sangiovese, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon just as Michael Muscardini does, you will create your own blend of Tesoro - our signature Tuscan-style blend, and even take home a sample of your custom wine blend! 

Part 3 - Harvest Lunch
Enjoy our 2016 Sangiovese from Alipcella Vineyards with a locally-sourced catered lunch provided by one of our Sonoma favorite local purveyors.

Tickets are $85 for wine club members, $105 for general public.
Tickets include interactive harvest discussion, blending seminar, and lunch
Please contact Karen Hannah to purchase tickets or for more information:  
707-933-9305 |


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